Supporters Like You Make All the Difference

“There are whole regions of this country that have no real transportation access these days other than highways… How do we serve these areas? What we do have is existing rails.”

Governor Michael Dukakis, and past Amtrak Board Member

A Connected America

That’s why supporters like you matter so much in our mission to expand intercity and regional passenger train services and increase connectivity among all forms of transportation.

Your involvement and support encourages lawmakers, the U.S. Department of Transportation and Amtrak management to act in the interest of passengers and economies across the country.

How You Support Our Work


Your support helps us advocate for passengers of commuter, regional and intercity rails.


You allow us to collaborate with grassroots supporters, annual partners and affiliated state-level passengers’ organizations.


You help us educate tourism bureaus, lawmakers, communities and departments about the importance of rail transportation.


Your support is informing commuters, lawmakers and other rail fans about the latest rail news and happenings that impact them.

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