Why Give

Your Support Is Essential to Saving, Expanding and Improving Rail Transportation for Passengers Across the Country

Railways are part of the fabric of America

Without you, rails are in danger of funding cuts and neglect that cause less ridership — and the effects can be devastating to riders dependent on commuter and inter-city rails as well as to local and state economies.

Because of your generosity and involvement with Rail Passengers Association, children can get to school, adults can get to work, travelers can tour places they’ve never seen, and people connect with their destination every day.  

Watch our Summer by Rail Intern, Madison Butler, to see how rail transportation gets travelers to their destination and why your efforts matter to make it convenient, comfortable and friendly.

“My mother takes the train to DC everyday for work and I have friends who take the train from New Jersey to visit me. Now that I know how crucial Rail Passengers Association is, I’m happy to support their mission on behalf of people like them and me.”

Jen Willett, DC Metro Rider

Supporters Like You Help Us Advocate on Your Behalf

Your support enabled the Rail Passengers Association to help form Amtrak in order to keep passenger service available when railroad companies wanted to shut down passenger service in the US.

When lawmakers wanted to cut funding for railways, Rail Passengers Association used your support to gather more than 200,000 signatures and stage rallies in cities across the US to raise awareness of the impact it would have on passengers dependent on rails.

Rail Passengers Association needs supporters like you to partner with us so together we can continue to:

  • Advocate for passengers of commuter, regional and inter-city rails;
  • Collaborate with grassroots supporters, annual partners and affiliated state-level passengers’ organizations;
  • Educate tourism bureaus, lawmakers, communities and departments about the importance of rail transportation;
  • Inform commuters, lawmakers and other rail fans about the latest rail news and happenings that impact them.

Because of people like you, Rail Passengers Association advocates on behalf of a nation of passengers and communities who depend on rail transportation for their livelihood and well-being.

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