Gifts That Reduce Your Taxes

There Are Easy Ways to Reduce Your Taxes and Support a Cause You Care About

Here are some ways to support increased connectivity among all forms of transportation and ensure the safety of our nation’s passengers through the Rail Passengers Association. Each of these ways to give has tax benefits for you.

Gift of Cash

One of the most common ways to make a gift to the Rail Passengers Association is to write a check or donate online. If you would like to support rail transportation initiatives by writing a check, please mail your check to:

Rail Passengers Association
1200 G St. NW, Suite 240
Washington, DC 20005

The Rail Passengers Association (RPA) is the public identity of the National Association of Railroad Passengers, Inc. (NARP), which is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. Donations made to the Rail Passengers Association (RPA) &/or National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) are tax-deductible, with the exception of any Amtrak Guest Rewards Point received, which have a taxable value of 2.5 cents per point.

Please note that donations are considered separate gifts above and beyond membership fees, and DO NOT count toward membership fees. For Membership, you must Join or Renew instead.

Stocks and Securities

This is one of the easiest gifts to give and one of the most useful in accomplishing your philanthropic goals. The next time you visit your bank, you can name the Rail Passengers Association (Tax ID: 36-2615221) as the beneficiary of a checking or savings bank account, a certificate of deposit (CD), or a brokerage account. When you do, you’ll take a powerful step toward standing with the Rail Passengers Association to advocate for expanded rail transportation and passenger safety.

Retirement Assets

A gift of your retirement assets, such as an employee retirement plan, IRA, or tax-sheltered annuity, is an excellent way to make a gift. Giving these assets in the form of a Charitable IRA Rollover or by Beneficiary Designation can shield you or your heirs from taxes while funding Rail Passenger Association’s work on your behalf.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a valuable asset to use for making a charitable gift. Perhaps you have a policy that you no longer need. You can make a gift of a life insurance policy without diminishing other investments or assets earmarked for family members.

Personal Property

A gift of artwork, coins, antiques, or other personal property can be an excellent way to support the cause of advocacy and advancement for rail transportation and passenger safety.

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